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Our eBike is The Future of Local Delivery!

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Dynamic Balance

Easy Branding

Huge Storage

Let's Cut Emissions While Making Even More Deliveries

The electric Biz-3 delivery bike is great for our environment and better for bike delivery workers! Let's cut down on the gas trucks and cars delivering food and packages to our doors, while helping delivery workers earn more money for their families!

Electric Delivery is a Win Win!


Brand Your Own

delivery service for better service.

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Derek Mobility is Pushing Electric Delivery Into New Business Sectors

Derek Mobility is using its leading-edge technology to expand the role of gig-develop a new generation of delivery cases, i.e., electric warmers, cold boxes, and electronic cases.  Our goal is to create new delivery business opportunities in a series of industries.

Breaking Industry Opportunities

Retail Delivery, Beyond Food

Most small retail shops still don't offer, non-Amazon related, same day delivery. This is a huge opportunity for independent delivery operators. App coming in August 2020!

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Independent Pharmacy

There are over twenty-thousand Independent pharmacies competing against pharmacy giants. A local delivery service could offer these small businesses a competitive edge. Our mobile app will give you the advantage.

Help Them!


We believe in micro-vending! We're building a coffee and danish service case for our eBike. Imagine the opportunities. Get your ebike now and be ready.

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People Are Talking

Electric delivery services working with mom and pop retailers is brilliant for business and for the environment.

Patrick K.

After one meeting with your company founder, I left with a clear vision of the opportunities in my city and county...

Sabastian B.

You guys have done such a great job with the electric delivery bike, now I'm looking for the mobile delivery app.

Dr. Corey A.

Demand is Huge So Hurry!

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